Saving Lives through Empowerment

To reduce maternal and under-5 deaths, MNCH2 is working across the continuum from strengthening government health systems to promoting greater community engagement between women and families, traditional birth attendants (TBAs), community leaders, facility health committees (FHCs) and health facilities. Working at the community level helps to ensure communities are empowered to make informed decisions about Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) now and in the future. Since 2014, MNCH2 has implemented a number of community-based interventions to increase the demand for quality and improve access to maternal health services.

Safe Space Interventions (SSIs) are designed to create safe, confidential environments in which to discuss issues that are often both personally and culturally sensitive. SSIs have been implemented by MNCH2 in all six programme states and engage young married women aged 15-25 and equip them with the information and skills to improve their marital and familial relationships, to make better decisions about their family’s nutrition, take control of their healthcare, and educate them on life-skills.

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