Thursday, 07 July 2016 / Published in Katsina, Timeline
Through MNCH2 work in Katsina the FHC Alliance was set-up. The FHC Alliance is the accountability platform at the LGA level and a bridge between the local and state level accountability platforms to monitor, track, and advocate for improved provision of MNCH services.  The FHC Alliance is one of the most effective ways of strengthening
Monday, 06 June 2016 / Published in Kaduna, Timeline
MNCH2 supported the revitalisation and registration of the Operational Research Advisory Committee with the National Health Research Ethical Committee (NHREC) by setting up an office for the committee and assigning a desk officer to liaise with other relevant agencies. The Operational Research Advisory Committee (ORAC) currently holds quarterly meetings where issues affecting health system research
Monday, 06 June 2016 / Published in Kano, Timeline
MNCH2 helped to set up facility-based MPDSR committees to track and review maternal and perinatal deaths across the state. The MPDSR committees are a collaborative forum which monitor, learn the attributes, causality of maternal and perinatal deaths for future prevention of its occurrence in accordance to the national guidelines. MNCH2 supported the training of MPDSR
Saturday, 14 May 2016 / Published in News
The MNCH2 NTL, Dr. Salma Anas Kolo had a meeting with the Honorable Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole on 4th May 2015 in his office in Abuja. The meeting was aimed at strengthening the partnership between the MNCH2 programme and the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) towards improving and sustaining delivery of MNCH services
Thursday, 05 May 2016 / Published in Jigawa, Timeline
MNCH2 supported procurement of mSupply software, starting with the installation of the relevant hardware in April 2016 and then training of State Ministry of Health (SMoH) and Jigawa Medicare Supply Organisation (JIMSO) staff on 10th of May 2016. mSupply has helped inventory management at the State Central Medical Store and regional warehouses, facilitating efficient and
Monday, 04 April 2016 / Published in Kaduna, Timeline
MNCH2 supported the state with supply, installation and training on M-Supply LMIS hard & software (6 hardware). m-Supply is used in national distribution centres, warehouses, hospitals and pharmacies. The Software is highly scalable from small facilities through to national distribution. It Includes modules for patient data collection and for dispensing of medicines. The previous situation
Monday, 04 April 2016 / Published in Katsina, Timeline
MNCH2 supported the installation of mSupply software for logistics management of health commodities at the State Central Medical Store and trained 12 personnel who would serve as operators and supervisors on the use of the software. mSupply is used to store information on items received, issued, and balances at the warehouse. Before this installation, Katsina
Thursday, 10 March 2016 / Published in News
Dr. Salma Anas-Kolo brings to the MNCH2 programme over eighteen years of experience in Health Sector Development. She has experience in health sector policy formulation, strategic development, resource mobilization and implementation of various health programmes at international, regional and national levels. Her technical skills and expertise cut across Health Systems Strengthening with particular reference to
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 / Published in Kano, Timeline
MNCH2 institutionalised the concept of Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) at both the LGA and State Primary Health Care Management Board. Through OCA, the State Primary Health Care Management Board (PHCMB) and LGA PHC Department, assess its capacity and thereafter develops an improvement plan to address identified gaps. This has led to the establishment of an
Saturday, 12 December 2015 / Published in Timeline, Yobe
The first ever Human Resource for Health policy was developed for Yobe State with support from the Women 4 Health and MNCH2 programmes. This policy was disseminated to wider state stakeholders including the state deputy governor, Secretary to the State Government, Head of Service, heads of ministry departments and agencies and traditional rulers on the