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With MNCH2 support the Task Shifting Policy and Standard Operating Procedures were domesticated in April 2017, finalised and validated in May 2018 with capacity building of stakeholders and update and finalisation of the Task Shifting and Task Sharing Policy Standard Operating Procedures.
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MNCH2 was instrumental in the development (September 2017) and validation (April 2018) of the State Strategic Health Development Plan. The activity started with an orientation of the Sector Planning Team and TWG members to prepare them for the development process, followed by a 6-day retreat in Kaduna to develop the draft SSHDP II with an
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The DMSA Bill was passed into law in 2016, assented and gazetted in October 2017 with operational guidelines developed in March 2018. The Drugs and Medical Supply Agency (DMSA) is intended to bring a lasting solution to health commodities security in all the tertiary, secondary, and primary health care facilities in Katsina State. To support
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MNCH2 supported the establishment and inauguration of the State Logistics Management Coordination Unit (LMCU) to organise, monitor, and support all activities within the logistics system in March 2017. The programme also supported the establishment and inauguration of LGA LMCUs in all 34 LGAs in November 2017.  The LMCUs identify supply chain problems, develop solutions for
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With support from MNCH2, the Primary Health Care Under One Roof (PHCUOR) Bill was passed into law in February 2017 and assented and gazated on the 9th of June, 2017. The Governing Board was inaugurated and trained on their terms of reference in October 2017. The PHCUOR Technical Working Group(TWG)/implementation committee was inaugurated and swung
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Through MNCH2 work in Katsina the FHC Alliance was set-up. The FHC Alliance is the accountability platform at the LGA level and a bridge between the local and state level accountability platforms to monitor, track, and advocate for improved provision of MNCH services.  The FHC Alliance is one of the most effective ways of strengthening
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MNCH2 supported the installation of mSupply software for logistics management of health commodities at the State Central Medical Store and trained 12 personnel who would serve as operators and supervisors on the use of the software. mSupply is used to store information on items received, issued, and balances at the warehouse. Before this installation, Katsina
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MNCH2 supported the Katsina State Government to establish a state MPDSR committee. The state-level committee oversees the proper and effective functioning of facility-level MPDSR committees established in the Federal Medical Centre and 18 General Hospitals that are providing RMNCH services in the state. The Committees were established according to national guidelines and will be developing
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With support from MNCH2, the Katsina State-Led Accountability Mechanism (SLAM)SLAM was established– Katsina State MNCH Accountability Forum (KATSMAF). The forum comprises representatives from civil society organisations, the media, development partners and the public-sector and serves as a strong unified coalition of voices which mobilises community involvement to support delivery of quality, accessible and affordable MNCH