Saturday, 05 May 2018 / Published in Katsina, Timeline
With MNCH2 support the Task Shifting Policy and Standard Operating Procedures were domesticated in April 2017, finalised and validated in May 2018 with capacity building of stakeholders and update and finalisation of the Task Shifting and Task Sharing Policy Standard Operating Procedures.
Wednesday, 04 April 2018 / Published in Katsina, Timeline
MNCH2 was instrumental in the development (September 2017) and validation (April 2018) of the State Strategic Health Development Plan. The activity started with an orientation of the Sector Planning Team and TWG members to prepare them for the development process, followed by a 6-day retreat in Kaduna to develop the draft SSHDP II with an
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 / Published in Timeline, Zamfara
Health care provision in Nigeria is the responsibility of the government at all levels as enshrined in the 1999 constitution (as amended). While the FHCs are themselves accountability structure at the community level as the state led Accountability Mechanisms (SLAMs) are, at the state level, the FHC Alliance on the other hand serves as the
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 / Published in Timeline, Zamfara
MNCH2 has established MNCH accountability mechanisms known as SLAMs building on the Evidence for Action (E4A) experience.  These mechanisms are built on existing CSO platforms.  Their membership has been expanded and includes stakeholders who have a vested interest in improving MNCH and are motivated to take action such as civil society and community groups, health
Saturday, 03 March 2018 / Published in Kaduna, Timeline
MNCH2 together with PERL ARC/ECP and Bill and Melinda Gates grantees (Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation & Health System Consult Limited) supported the development and passage into law of the Kaduna Sustainanble Health Insurance Scheme SHIS Bill. The SHIS Bill will enable the state to move forward with developing a demand side financing scheme that
Saturday, 03 March 2018 / Published in Timeline, Yobe
In Yobe, MCNH2 supported the development of the 1st ever Minimum Service Package document for PHC in the state. One of the key components of Primary Health care Under One Roof (PHCUOR) is the development of a costed minimum service package (MSP) for PHC Centre’s that will serve as a strategic focus for investments in
Monday, 01 January 2018 / Published in Kano, Timeline
Kano State Ministry of Health in collaboration with MNCH2 and W4H domesticated the Task Shifting & Task Sharing Policy (TSSP). The policy seeks to address the human resource for health gaps and improve the quality of services provided by all cadres of health care workers in the State. The Kano Health Sector TSSP covers a
Monday, 01 January 2018 / Published in Kano, Timeline
MNCH2 in collaboration with the National Health Insurance Scheme supported Kano State Ministry of Health (SMOH) to champion the establishment of the Kano State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency. The aim of the law is to ensure that residents of the 44 local government areas access healthcare services. The formal launching of access to care for
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 / Published in Kano, Timeline
In collaboration with Save the Children, MNCH2 supported the State Government to develop and launch the Health Sector HRH Strategic Development Plan (2017-2021). The plan will address availability and retention of an adequate pool of competent health staff to provide health care in areas where their services are most needed. It will also address shortages
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 / Published in Timeline
In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health and Women for Health (W4H), MNCH2 supported the state to develop and harmonise the Zamfara State Health Strategic Development Plan II (ZSHSDP II) 2017-2021. The ZSHSDP11 was finalised on the 12th of October 2017. The 2018 State Annual Operational Plan for the health sector is linked with