Monday, 30 July 2018 / Published in Jigawa News, News
Sa’adatu knew something wasn’t right when her contractions started. By the time she and her husband arrived on a motorcycle to the nearest PHC, she wasn’t just vomiting but bleeding profusely. The PHC referred her to a larger facility 35 miles away. “I was confused,” says Sa’adatu’s husband Mallam Haruna, a Fulani farmer living in
Thursday, 14 September 2017 / Published in Kaduna News, News
ETS drives down maternal deaths in a time of crisis
When an expecting mother in a community with the nearest health facility several hours’ walking distance away starts having painful contractions, a taxi driver from her neighbouring community is her quickest way to medical attention. Joseph Isuwa from Kaduna, knows the journey to the General Hospital Kwoi in Jaba well: he is a volunteer trained